Recent Highlights and Discoveries:

Visit Mike Dust's "3@33 Project".
• View selected pictures of the week posted on the Mirror Project.
• Read about and view week 52's
grand finale project "Contact Scott Sayre".

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52@40 was a one year project (initiated October 14, 2000) celebrating the 40th year of my life. Friends and family were asked to contribute one or more ideas that would provide positive perspective about my life and could be explored for one hour per day for one solid week. The two curators: my wife Kris Sayre and my brother Roger Sayre, were asked to collect, select and organize 52 of the the 164 ideas contributed.

It's my hope that everyone participating in and/or following this adventure will benefit from the many insights and challenges it provides. Use the links above to explore the pages documenting the project.

Peace, love and thanks to all of you.


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