2014 Art Museum Education Programs Survey

Please note: Surveys cannot be saved.  You will need the following information at the ready:

Number of Education Department Staff
Museum Annual Operating Budget 
Size of Collection (# of objects)
Total Square Footage 
Annual Visitors to the Museum Onsite and Online

Survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

This Museum-Ed survey gathers information on the principal types of programs currently undertaken by art museum education departments. Surveys every five years, in 2003 and 2009, repeated many of the questions that appear in this survey. The surveys ask museum educators what their museums participated in or offered in eight areas of programming: tours; tours and technology; informal gallery learning; community, adult and family programs; classes and other public programs; partnerships with other organizations; school programs; and online educational resources. The responses available to educators in this survey are updated to include popular fill-in answers from 2009, as well as technology and social media that did not exist in 2009. 


The results of this survey will be publicized through the Museum-Ed Discussion List and targeted emails to those museum education departments who completed the survey. For more information, write to Kris Wetterlund, Museum-Ed Editor at krisw AT museum-ed.org